Mees Chocolates

Starting 25 years ago, from a small studio–atelier in Belgium, today, Mees Chocolates is a manufacturer of premium chocolate and marzipan, targeted at the highest reaches of the international gourmet confectionary market. Our company is, first and foremost, a trusted supplier of customer private label confectionary products.

The sole ambition of top-class craftsmen at Mees Chocolates is to create exquisite luxury chocolates for the most discerning of international customers, using only first-quality raw materials: first class marzipan, the creamiest buttercream and mellowest ganaches

MEES Chocolates 95g
MEES Chocolates 95g PRALINE
37,00 RON
MEES Chocolates 250g
MEES Chocolates 250g PRALINE
75,00 RON
MEES Chocolates 500g
MEES Chocolates 500g PRALINE
145,00 RON